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Moving a Few Miles Can Significantly Drop Property Taxes
August 23, 2014

The 12-mile drive from Scarsdale, N.Y., to Greenwich, CT, is about 21 minutes, according to Google Maps.

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Credit Score Agencies Aren't the Only Ones Tracking You
August 22, 2014

Most consumers are aware of the three major credit reporting companies that generate the scores used in qualifying borrowers for loans. What they may not know is that Equifax, Experian and Transunion are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tracking and reporting...

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Don't Be Haunted by a Zombie Foreclosure
August 15, 2014

Zombie foreclosures -- foreclosures in which homeowners move out of a property before a bank finishes taking it over, leaving the home vacant -- remain a problem across the country. And if you've left your home behind after receiving a foreclosure notice from your bank,...

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The Ups and Downs of a 40-Year Mortgage
August 14, 2014

People who are looking to minimize their monthly mortgage payment sometimes consider a 40-year loan. While this can be a useful product for some borrowers, it's one that you need to approach with caution.

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7 Alternatives to a Traditional Mortgage for Buying a Home
August 07, 2014

A mortgage loan is the most traditional, and probably the smartest way, to buy a home. You're going through a bank for a loan and the monthly payments will be the same for 30 years.