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9721 Ormsby Station Road
Louisville, KY 40223

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SurePoint Lending

Introduction to SurePoint Lending

SurePoint Lending is an Internet based lender. For the last 15 years SurePoint has lent over 10 billion dollars in mortgage based loans. SurePoint is not a brokerage house like many online lenders. They have their own capital backing so loans have the ability to process quickly and securely.

SurePoint is authorized to make mortgages in 45 of the 50 states with approval in the final five in the works. As a company they have exceeded the expectations of their customers in service and led the industry in streamlining the mortgage process.

Mortgage Rates

SurePoint Lending has competitive mortgage rates for all their different types of home loans. Loan type will be the determining factor of the final interest rate. There is a calculator available on their website that will allow you to track their current rates for the loan you select.

SurePoint will work with people that have less than perfect credit. They also have first time home buyer programs as well as actively working with the FHA program for insured mortgages. Each person is individually screened and catered to so that they can select the best type of mortgage with the lowest possible interest rates.


SurePoint Lending offers three distinct refinance options to borrowers. The type of refinance option you select will be one of the determining factors of your interest rate. Other factors, such as credit score, will also have a part in the final interest rate.

ARM to Fixed Rate loans is one type of refinance program SurePoint offers. This loan program usually drops your interest rate by several points when you qualify for the lowest rate. ARM to ARM also provides very low rates in the initial offerings period.

Refinance rates for cash out refinancing will be based on the amount of money you take from your equity as well as your credit history.

Home Equity Loans

At this time SurePoint Lending does not have a home equity loan program. They do, however, offer refinancing loans with a lump sum cash out. They do not offer a program that allows you to write checks against the available equity in your home at any time you need. This may change in the future.

SurePoint Lending Information

SurePoint Lending is an Internet based lender which has a main office located in Kentucky.

SurePoint Lending
9721 Ormsby Station Road
Louisville, KY 40223

Main office number: 512.315.4750

Toll Free: 800.322.5004

The toll free number is their nationwide customer service number and can be used 24/7 for immediate help.

Visit them online at:

You can begin the application process online or get contact information for an office near you.