In addition to federal laws and agencies that deal with mortgage fraud, each state has its own laws and institutions for addressing the issue. Foremost among these is usually the state attorney general's office, which takes the lead in investigating and prosecuting crimes of all sorts in a state. Other state agencies, such as real estate commissions and banking offices, may also be involved.

Each state also has local offices of various federal agencies that play a role in combating mortgage fraud, or that can serve as information resources for consumers, including the FBI, HUD and the U.S. Treasury Office of Thrift Supervision. National nonprofit organizations, such as the Fair Housing Alliance and Better Business Bureau, may be helpful as well.

The following 50 chapters provide a state-by-state overview of mortgage fraud resources, along with listings and contact information for federal, state and nonprofit entities that are available in each state. See the (links/pulldown menu) at (right, below, etc.) to go directly to the chapter on any given state.


Published on June 1, 2009