Each week, MortgageLoan.com obtains ad space in the Sunday edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. That ad space is divided into smaller spots that are made available to local lenders and brokers to promote their current mortgage rates.

Newspaper: San Francisco Chronicle
Publication days: Sundays
Market Area: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, Sonoma

Publication days and market-area/distribution are subject to the newspaper’s publishing and distribution decisions, which may change any time without notice.

Lenders may choose from among four affordable weekly advertising packages:
4 week Minimum - $295.00/wk, $1,180.00 in total
13 week Minimum - $285.00/wk, $3,705.00 in total
26 week Minimum - $260.00/wk, $6,760.00 in total
52 week Minimum - $250.00/wk, $13,000.00 in total

Each ad spot will have the following format:

The newspaper ad will consist of several ad spots for individual lenders and brokers (which will be moved around each week) and a few other boxes. The format will be similar to this:

Rate information must be sent to MortgageLoan.com no later than Wednesday of each week in order to be included in the Sunday ad. The information should be sent using an Excel template provided by MortgageLoan.com. Advertisers must also send a rate sheet so that the accuracy of all rates can be verified.

Advertisers understand that all rate quotes shall adhere to the following guidelines: Quotes are to be based on a $150,000 loan; jumbo loan programs are to be based on the prevailing conforming loan limits established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; total points must include any and all percentage-based fees, both discount and origination; fees must include appraisal and credit reports; 30-60 lock days; APR’s shall be calculated using quoted % down (including PMI for any rates quoted for less than 20% down), based on the 15th of the month and must include all charges payable directly or indirectly by consumers in accordance to Section 106 of the “Truth in Lending Act” or other applicable laws as amended from time to time.

Advertisers also agree and acknowledge that Mortgage Loan Directory and Information, LLC may verify Lender rates to ensure accuracy of the feature by requesting a wholesale or internal rate sheets from various parties as the case may be.

Advertisers authorize Mortgage Loan Directory and Information, LLC to bill them for the above services rendered.

Published on October 17, 2008