Mortgage and Refinance Rates in Seattle

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Today's Rates In Seattle

In Seattle, low-rate mortgages may not be as common as coffee houses, but they're out there. Your best strategy is to start by learning more about mortgages and interest rate options. provides informative articles and interest rate tables to assist you. Make a point of collecting several rate quotes to get a feel for how your mortgage will be priced. You can request no-obligation quotes through, or you can call lenders directly to discuss your needs. The Seattle broker directory provides complete contact information. When it's time to compare your mortgage quotes, turn to's mortgage calculators. These specialized tools empower you to analyze your options as efficiently as possible.

Conforming Mortgages

The criteria defining the conforming mortgage loan include certain applicant qualifications and loan characteristics. A conforming mortgage, for example, cannot exceed the current maximum loan limit as set by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO). Any mortgage loan that does exceed this limit is called a jumbo loan. Jumbo loans, and other types of non-conforming mortgages, are more expensive, so it's best to avoid them, if possible. Your lender can explain the conforming limits in detail. If you're just outside one of the criteria, you might try to make some adjustments to your situation before reapplying for the loan at a later date.

Second Mortgages

There are advantages and disadvantages to the second mortgage loan. Relative to unsecured types of debt, like the personal loan, a second mortgage is generally more affordable. It also might be easier to obtain, depending on current trends in the mortgage industry. Borrowers interested in a second mortgage have the option of an adjustable-rate home equity line of credit (HELOC) or a fixed-rate home equity loan. The primary disadvantage of the second mortgage is the securitized nature of the debt. Borrowers who fail to make scheduled second mortgage payments would be subject to foreclosure. By comparison, unsecured personal loans are not tied to real or personal property.


Your goal is to find and close the very best mortgage loan available to you. can walk you through the steps necessary to achieve that goal.

  • Early on, you should broaden your knowledge about the types of mortgages available and market interest rates. has relevant and informative articles, as well as a current interest rate table to assist you.
  • Comparison shopping is a key step in the process. It protects you from unethical lenders, and ensures that you're getting a good rate. You can request quotes online at, or find complete lender contact information in our Seattle broker directory.
  • As your mortgage quotes start coming in, you can turn to's mortgage calculators for in-depth analysis. Compare your offers on total interest costs, amortization schedules, monthly payments, and more. The calculators are simple to use and provide reliable answers to your finance-related questions.