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If you aren't comfortable with the language of mortgage loans, locating the best rate in New Jersey can be challenging. If you don't know that a low payment amount can sometimes mean only a minimal reduction in your debt balance, you could end up spending way too much. Likewise, if you aren't aware that the APR allows you to compare mortgages that have different closing costs, you might be mislead by a stated rate. Most people aren't mortgage industry experts. That's why has assembled the resources necessary to make mortgage and refinance decisions easier. All the tools that you need to find, understand, and evaluate mortgages is here, from mortgage calculators to a broker directory to a large selection of informative articles. Somewhere between the glitz of Atlantic City to the serenity of the sandy shoreline, New Jersey has the lifestyle you want. Your ideal mortgage is out there too, and will help you find it.


Rate Map for New Jersey

This Rate Map for the state of New Jersey shows the rates that individual borrowers were able to obtain on refinanced and home purchase mortgages. Each balloon represents a single mortgage – click on them to see what kind of rates borrowers are getting in your area.

Use the options in the column at left to sort your choices by location and credit score. Individual balloons also feature information on loan size, loan-to-value ratio, loan type, lender and more.

If you recently obtained or refinanced a mortgage and would like to anonymously share information about the terms you were able to get, just click on “Share Your Rate” above the map. Your fellow borrowers will thank you!

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Home Equity Loans

Home equity loans are used to convert home equity into borrowed cash. These loans are structured with a fixed payment and pay-off schedule. Home equity loan rates in New Jersey will generally be higher than refinance rates. There are situations, however, where it makes sense to pay the higher rate rather than refinance your home. An example would be if you want to pay off the equity debt in 15 years, rather than rolling it into a 30-year refinance.


Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) are ideal for the New Jersey borrower who's short on buying power now, but expects an income increase in the future. ARMs start out with a low fixed rate, which later switches to a variable one. The initial rate usually lasts for one, three, or five years. After that time, the rate is regularly adjusted to move with a specified financial index.

Comparing Mortgages

You'll benefit greatly by clarifying your goals and objectives before meeting with lenders. Some items to consider are:

  • Your budget. You may not know how much you can afford until you have a working knowledge of how the different loan types work. Mortgage calculators are extremely useful in this regard; use them to run the numbers on various mortgage types, loan amounts, and interest rates. If necessary, review how the rates for different loan types compare.
  • Your timeline. How long you plan to own the home could determine which loan type is right for you. The same goes for any foreseeable changes in your financial situation.

Be prepared to consult with several different New Jersey lenders, because that's the best way to ensure that you get a good rate. You can find the contact information for qualified New Jersey lenders here. The next steps are to schedule your meetings, talk with prospective lenders, submit your loan applications, and wait for your loan offers. Then choose the most affordable and suitable option, and get ready for your closing.