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Finding a low-rate mortgage in Mississippi isn't hard, as long as you know what you're doing. Your bigger challenge may be deciding which part of the Magnolia State you'd like to call home. can assist you at every stage of your mortgage search. You can learn more about mortgage types and money-saving techniques by reading our informative articles. Once you know the options, you can clarify your own objectives, and then get started shopping around. If you click on the Mississippi broker directory, you'll find a long list of local, qualified lenders. Or you can ask lenders to contact you by requesting a no-obligation quote.

Second Mortgages

If you have home equity and you need a little extra cash, the second mortgage might be the right solution. Second mortgages have some important features:

  • Second mortgages are secured by your home equity, or the value of your property minus outstanding first mortgage debt.
  • They come in two forms: the home equity line of credit (HELOC), or the home equity loan. The HELOC has a variable rate and interest-only payment. The home equity loan is a fully amortizing, fixed-rate debt.
  • Second mortgage interest rates are higher than first mortgage rates, because the lender is taking a lower priority lien position to the first mortgage lender.

Conforming Mortgages

The conforming mortgage is defined by a set of loan criteria, such as maximum loan amount, maximum borrower debt-to-income ratio, and minimum borrower documentation requirements. These limits are designed to funnel federal support to middle and lower income families; this federal support comes in the form of liquidity provided to the mortgage industry through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Since Fannie and Freddie's support only goes to conforming mortgages, loans that meet the stated criteria are going to be cheaper than loans that don't. The specific limits change occasionally based on federal oversight and review. However, your lender can tell you what the limits are, and how you can qualify for a conforming mortgage.


When it's time to check on pricing for specific Mississippi mortgages, you can request a free quote from competing lenders in just minutes on Or you can call Mississippi lenders personally; you'll find them in our Mississippi broker directory.

Certainly a good lender will walk you through your options, and help you determine which mortgage types are most appropriate. But if you prefer to tackle some of this groundwork yourself, you can always rely on's interest rate table, mortgage calculators, and informative articles.

Once you receive written mortgage offers, you should head back to those calculators. They'll help you compare two or more mortgage quotes to one other and against your household budget. Just put in the numbers and hit calculate. As you look at the numbers of each offer, you'll quickly see which one is best for you.