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Dreaming of purchasing a house in Hawaii? can help you take an important step today. Low current interest rates provide an opportunity to purchase a Hawaii home, be it a first home, secondary home or just the vacation retreat you have been dreaming of. We can make it possible for you.

Are you a current Hawaii home owner? Take the opportunity to make use of a home equity line of credit (HELOC) financing solution with tax benefits in the form of tax deductions of interest rate payments. Or use our resources to find the best refinancing option at the lowest rates.

We will help you to find the lowest mortgage rates and best local Hawaii brokers through our network of established banks, lenders, and brokers serving Hawaii home owners, future and as well as present. These resources are dedicated to provide home owners of Hawaii the best mortgage loan options available.

Search our list of local Hawaii mortgage brokers. It allows you to compare mortgages and research your loan options on your own.


Hawaii Rate Map

Want to know what sort of mortgage rates others in your area are getting? This Rate Map for Hawaii depicts individual mortgage loans obtained by borrowers in various locations around the islands. Each balloon represents a single mortgage – clicking on one will provide information on the mortgage rate, amount, loan-to-value ratio and more.

To sort results by credit score or location, make your selections from the column at left.

If you found this tool useful in negotiating a mortgage and would like to add your own loan information to the database (anonymously, of course!), just click on “Share Your Rate” above the map. Your fellow consumers will appreciate it!

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