Average25th Percentile50th Percentile75th Percentile
Loan Amount$352,832$207,500$290,000$395,000
Property Values$580,391$310,000$470,000$705,000
Average LTV68.8%
Percent Refinance78.4%
Pct of Refis Cashout12.5%

The mortgage loan and home loan market in the District of Columbia is very competitive. This is good news to Washington home buyers who are in need of a mortgage loan and to home owners that need to refinance their mortgages. Have mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers compete for your loan, whether you need a conforming loan, balloon loan, jumbo loan, government backed loan (VA or FHA) or any other type of loan. We advise you to contact more than one lender. There is no reason why you should not get the lowest rates on the market and the best mortgage possible for your situation!


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