Today's Mortgage Rates

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San Diego mortgage loan rates can be low if you know where to look and how to evaluate your options. A necessary step in the process is learning more about mortgages-so when your lender talks about adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs), loan points, balloon payments and the like, you can understand what she's talking about. will help you reach that level of confidence. With news, advice, tips, definitions, and mortgage calculators, is a complete resource for learning all of the essential mortgage facts. You can also browse national interest rates by loan type, or quickly ask for lenders to contact you with a rate estimate. If you prefer, you can visit the San Diego broker directory for a lengthy list of qualified local lenders.

Interest Rates

Finding that low rate San Diego mortgage or refinance will be easier when you know more about how mortgage interest rates are set. The economic climate largely dictates the range of mortgage interest rates available. But other factors, factors within your control, can determine whether you're offered the highest rate or the lowest one available. These include your level of creditworthiness and the structure of the loan. If you're deemed to be highly creditworthy, you'll be offered a more competitive rate. If you're applying for a conforming mortgage, your rate might also be lower. Non-conforming mortgages include 100 percent loans and jumbo loans.

Bad Credit?

Having a few blemishes on your credit report doesn't necessarily put you into the category of a bad credit borrower. Each lender has its own guidelines on what defines subprime borrowers and subprime mortgages. If your credit score is low, it's even more important for you to comparison shop for your mortgage. Certain lenders might try to exploit your situation by recommending an aggressive loan, but you can identify them quickly if you're shopping around. Review your mortgage offers carefully so that you fully understand the terms and risks involved. No matter what type of mortgage you're offered, don't make any decisions until you're completely comfortable with the debt repayment structure.


Perhaps you've chosen San Diego as your home for its year-round climate of sunshine and mild temperatures. You're about to find out that it can also be a community that offers good options for mortgage financing. Just take a look at the San Diego broker directory to see how many qualified lenders are located nearby. As you begin contacting lenders, recognize the differences between pre-qualification estimates and loan offers; estimates are non-binding and can be provided before you submit a loan application. Loan offers are more reliable and should be used to make your final decision. Any questions you have about how the mortgage is paid down, or how much you'll pay in total interest, can be quickly answered with the help of a mortgage calculator.