Introduction to PHH Mortgage

PHH Mortgage is one of the top five mortgage originating companies in the United States. They operate from two main offices on the east coast, one in Jacksonville, Florida and the other in Laurel, New Jersey. PHH Mortgage offers a variety of mortgage products including a 40 year fixed rate loan. PHH Mortgage has an online pre-approval application that allows potential home buyers to see what type of loan they can receive before looking for a new home. When you visit you can apply for a mortgage or for pre-approval.

Mortgage Rates

PHH Mortgage offers competitive mortgage rates on all of their loan products. Fixed rate, interest only and adjustable rate mortgages are the types of loans that they provide. PHH Mortgage will work with most credit ratings and offer specific programs for people with poor credit. While people with a few credit flaws may not receive the absolute lowest interest rates the company offers, PHH Mortgage tries to acquire the lowest rate possible based on the credit scores of the individual. PHH Mortgage is so positive about their mortgage program that they offer two specific guarantees. The first guarantee states that once you submit your application by phone you will find out the same day if you are approved. The second mortgage guarantee is for your closing date. If they do not meet your closing date guideline they will reduce your interest rate by 1/8 of a percent for the entire life of the loan.


PHH Mortgage offers a full range of refinancing options. Consumers can take advantage of low interest rates in a wide rang of mortgage products. As with any other type of mortgage financing, interest rates will be based on credit history and appraisal value of the home. PHH Mortgage will not refinance your home if you are upside down in your mortgage. PHH Refinance rates are competitive with all other private lenders in the market.

Home Equity Loans

Currently, PHH Mortgage does not offer any programs for home equity loans or lines of credit. They do, however, offer several different refinance options that do include cash-out. There is no definite decision on whether PHH Mortgage will offer HELOC loans in the future.

PHH Information

PHH Mortgage is a division of the PHH Corporation.

PHH Mortgage Headquarters
1 Mortgage Way
Laurel, New Jersey 08054

Corporate: 866.946.0081

Customer Service Mailing Address
Post Office Box 5452
Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054

Toll Free: 800.449.8767


Apply For a Loan or Pre-Approval at:

Toll Free: 800.210.8849

Business hours are: 8 to 8 Monday – Friday
8 to 5 Saturday
Closed Sunday

All mortgage programs can be applied for online or through the toll free number during business hours.