1. Mortgage Assistance Programs & Government Foreclosure Help

  2. Mortgage Relief & Home Debt Relief

  3. Understanding the New Good Faith Estimate Form

  4. Keys to Getting Approved for a Loan Modification

  5. HUD Lifts Cap on FHA Mortgage Origination Fees

  6. Time Running Out on "Underwater" Refinance

  7. What Kind of Interest Rate Can You Expect?

  8. Reasons a Loan Modification Might Be Denied

  9. How Soon After a Foreclosure Can You Buy a Home?

  10. FHA Mortgage Restriction Eased for Foreclosure Repurchases

  11. Buy a New Home, Let the Current One Go to Foreclosure?

  12. How Your FICO Credit Score Works

  13. State Attorneys General Urge Mortgage Principal Markdowns

  14. Can a Co-signer Help You Qualify for a Mortgage?

  15. Get a Mortgage Preapproval Before Home Shopping

  16. Foreclosure, Short Sale May Not Free You From Mortgage Debt

  17. Treasury Streamlines HAMP Loan Modification Guidelines

  18. Fannie Mae Offers Incentives for Foreclosure Purchases

  19. Using APR to Compare Mortgage Offers

  20. Time to Consider a Cash-in Refinance?

  21. Letting an ARM Reset Instead of Refinancing

  22. Benefits and Risks of a Land Contract

  23. Getting Financing to Buy Foreclosed Property

  24. Renting Out Your Home Instead of Selling It

  25. USDA Loans Still Offer No Money Down Mortgages

  26. Not All Mortgage Offers Are Good Faith Estimates

  27. Home Affordable Refinance Program Extended

  28. Avoiding PMI with Less Than 20 Percent Down

  29. Frank Urges Banks to Write Off Second Liens

  30. Consider a Credit Union for a Mortgage Loan

  31. States Offer Low-Cost Mortgages, Down Payment Help

  32. "Creative Financing" Could Hide Fraud

  33. Financing the Purchase of a Second Home

  34. More Permanent Loan Modifications Approved

  35. Walk-Away Foreclosure May Not Eliminate Debt

  36. Non-HAMP Loan Mods Hit 100,000 in January

  37. Pros and Cons of Using a Mortgage Broker

  38. Wells Fargo Joins Second Lien Modification Program

  39. Buying a Short Sale About to Get Faster, Easier

  40. Major Tax Credits and Deductions for Homeowners

  41. Bank of America to Write Off Principal on Some Mortgages

  42. Is Your Local Real Estate Market Overvalued?

  43. Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

  44. Understanding Different Types of Mortgage Lenders

  45. Does Your Job Qualify You for a Discount Mortgage?

  46. Mortgage Assistance for Recent Graduates

  47. Forgiven Mortgage Debt May Still Be Taxable

  48. Vacation Home May Bring Tax Advantages

  49. Can a Mortgage Audit Fend Off Foreclosure?

  50. Should You Hire an Attorney When Buying a Home?

  51. Choosing a Mortgage Lender

  52. New Mortgage Possible Two Years After Short Sale

  53. Pacific Credit Union Mortgage Rates, Refinance & Home Equity Loans

  54. Arranging for Your Own Home Value Appraisal

  55. Understanding and Shopping for Title Insurance

  56. How Much Time Should You Spend Mortgage Shopping?

  57. Low Rates Make ARMs an Attractive Option Again

  58. Do You Need an Inspection On a Newly Built Home?

  59. Why Are Mortgage Rates Still So Low?

  60. Countrywide to Pay $108 Million Settlement for Overcharges

  61. Poor Math Skills Linked to Mortgage Defaults

  62. New Opportunities for Refinancing?

  63. $1.5 Billion Released to 5 States for Mortgage Relief

  64. Does Home Value Affect Your Ability to Refinance?

  65. Massachusetts Soft Second Mortgage Boosts Purchasing Power

  66. The Trouble with HELOCs

  67. Mortgage Help for Unemployed Homeowners

  68. Senate Approves New Mortgage Rules, Other Reforms

  69. Can You Really Get a 125 Percent Refinance?

  70. Financial Reform will Benefit Mortgage Refinancing

  71. HUD to Investigate Possible Discrimination Against Pregnant Borrowers

  72. Achieve Homeownership with an Owner-Carried Second Mortgage

  73. Four Reasons to use Home Equity to Buy a Car

  74. Guidelines Unveiled for Underwater Refinance Program