1. A Tale of Three Cities: The Worst Places to Retire

  2. All About Mortgage Down Payments

  3. How to Lower Closing Costs

  4. Who's to Blame for the Mortgage Crisis?

  5. Funding Real Estate Investing Opportunities

  6. Government's Loan Modification Program May Fall Short

  7. Five Tips to Reduce Taxes Now

  8. Citigroup Gets $20 Billion to Avert Collapse

  9. Reducing Property Taxes

  10. Law Firms and Banks Collaborating to Streamline Loan Modifications

  11. Some Lucky Americans Escaping Mortgage Chaos

  12. Beat Inflation with High-Dividend Stocks

  13. End of Year Tax Planning, What to Do with that Bonus?

  14. Tax Savvy: Swap Your Vacation Home

  15. Time to Refinance Your Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

  16. Car Talk: Buy or Lease Your Next Car?

  17. Learn About Non-Profit Debt Consolidation Companies

  18. New Mortgage Rules

  19. For Your Consideration: Early Retirement Buyout

  20. Six Tips for Beating Inflation

  21. Student Loans: Embracing the Current Economic Crisis

  22. How Refinancing Can Hurt Insurance Rates

  23. Surviving the Current Mortgage Rate Environment

  24. The Truth About Credit Scores

  25. Benefits of a 40-Year Mortgage

  26. New Mortgage Legislation Impacts Owners of Multiple Homes

  27. Stress-free Investing: Lifecycle Mutual Funds

  28. Life Insurance: Is Longevity Insurance Right for You?

  29. Can't Refinance? Consider Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  30. Need a Refinance? Try a private lender

  31. Government backed loans

  32. Learn About Streamline Refinancing

  33. Refinancing: Frequently Asked Questions

  34. Learn About Money Market Accounts

  35. Understanding 125% Second Mortgages

  36. Learn About Piggyback Second Mortgages

  37. Overview of No Equity Second Mortgages

  38. Benefits of a Chase Second Mortgage

  39. Pay Off Debt with a Home Equity Loan

  40. first-week-of-2008-mortgage-rates-plunge-on-weak-economic-data

  41. Ginnie Mae Steps Up to Plate in Mortgage Crisis

  42. countrywide-and-bank-of-america-news-upstages-rates

  43. a-most-dramatic-week-for-mortgage-rates

  44. Loan Modification Plan: FDIC and IndyMac

  45. rates-flat-this-week

  46. rates-up-this-week-economic-confidence-rises

  47. Where to Find Government Refinance Assistance

  48. rates-continue-to-rise

  49. Loan Modification can Prevent Foreclosure

  50. rates-head-upward-on-inflation-concerns-this-week

  51. Home Value Declines Leave ARM Holders Under Water

  52. Places to Stash Cash in Today's Market

  53. Weekly Rate Summary: 2008-03-28

  54. Refinance Your Option ARM

  55. Weekly Rate Summary 2008-04-04: Rates Increase Slightly This Week

  56. Rate Update 2008-06-14: Rates Continue To Rise This Week

  57. Government Steps in with Mortgage Help

  58. Rates Rise This Week

  59. HELOC Cancellation: Are You at Risk?

  60. American Youth: "Save" is a Four-Letter Word

  61. FHA Financing For a Dirt-Cheap Fixer-Upper

  62. Improve Your Chances of Selling Your Home

  63. Home Loan Shopping: Apply to Multiple Mortgage Lenders

  64. FHA Stealing Market Share from Private Mortgage Insurers

  65. Freddie, Fannie Intervention Means Good Time to Refinance

  66. How Mortgage Bailout Will Affect You

  67. Is Your 401(k) Safe?

  68. Learn about FHA Lenders

  69. Personal Finance in Schools: An Answer to Financial Crisis

  70. California Protects Consumers from Shady Mortgage Brokers