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HSBC Bank USA is one of the leading mortgage lenders in North America, with a track record of excellence in financial services. HSBC Bank USA ranks amongst the top 10 mortgage companies with assets estimated at $300 billion. In 2003, HSBC acquired Household International and further increase their standing in the mortgage lending community. HSBC Bank USA provide mortgage and banking services with a difference. This financial institution offers competitive Mortgage Rates, Home Equity Loan Rates, Refinance Rates and more. As one of the top 10 mortgage companies in the United States, HSBC is comprised of HSBC's U.S. and Canadian businesses as well as HSBC Finance Corporation (formerly Household International) businesses.

Mortgage Rates

For the most competitive rates, HSBC Bank USA offers mortgage products to suit every financial circumstance. Mortgage rates that allow you the flexibility of four different methods to make your monthly payment convenient is provided for customers who qualify. The average mortgage rates are based on the life of the home loan. Defending upon the terms of your mortgage, your mortgage rate will be set to a Fixed Rate Loan Programs or Adjustable Rate Loan Programs. Whether or not you are a first time buyer or an existing home owner, HSBC customer service can assist you.

Home Equity

An HSBC Home Equity Loan can help you tap into the equity in your property to pay off bills, book a dream holiday and even buy a new car. Seeking a home equity with HSBC could be the perfect the solution to tackling accumulated debts and starting a clean slate financially. Whatever the reason for your equity loan, an HSBC Home Equity Loan provides equity loans for home owners depending upon your financial circumstances. HSBC Bank USA can arrange a home equity loan for you within weeks of your application.


Providing home owners with the best financial options and services means that you will experience the professional services of a financial institution with years of experience and success stories behind them. Mortgage holders wishing to free up equity or apply for a refinance rate loan can expect great low interest offered to suit your circumstances. Fast and efficient service is what HSBC Bank USA is most renowned for. HSBC Refinance Rates include conventional APRs based on a $150,000 loan amount and 20% downpayment. FHA, VA and CommunityWorks APRs are at a $75,000 loan amount and a 3% downpayment.

HSBC Bank USA Information

In addition to HSBC Home Equity Loans, HSBC Refinance Rates and HSBC Mortgage Rates, HSBC Bank USA also provides a wide range of banking services. In additional to customers' home loans, HSBC services include savings and checking accounts, auto loans, credit cards and insurance products.

HSBC offers a comprehensive website at to process your online HSBC Mortgage Refinance or Home Equity Loan application. For further information, contact HSBC Bank USA's customer service department at (888) 346-1717.