How To Get a Mortgage If You're Into Online Sports Betting

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Kara Johnson
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When you apply for a mortgage, the lender does a background check on you. This check is to determine your creditworthiness and access the level of risk lending you money would pose. This is known as the underwriting process. During this process, the underwriter attempts to verify the information you have provided. This is done by checking in with your employers, your bank statement for the previous 3-6 months, and things alike.

As a bettor, this process could cause you problems. While on its own, online sports betting is unlikely to cause any problems, however, behaviors that suggest a gambling problem will be considered as red flags by lenders. You must know the possible problems that may arise if your mortgage application is to be successful.

Possible Pitfalls

For most people, gambling is a leisure activity. It is something they engage in for fun, and only do occasionally. It does not affect their lives in any way. For others with gambling problems, gambling is a bad habit they must get rid of. For some, it is an addiction that affects their lives very seriously.

The last two categories are those lenders are wary of. They look out for any behavior that may suggest that a potential buyer has a gambling problem or is a gambling addict. Some professional gamblers want to use their winnings as a source of income to qualify for a mortgage. More often, lenders will have issues with this. This is because gambling is not considered a stable source of income.

It is impossible to predict what a professional gambler's finances would look like in the next few months. A run of bad luck could make all the difference and negatively affect the bettor's ability to make the monthly payments. For these professional gamblers, it is still possible to get a loan. However, they usually have to pay a higher interest rate than usual to offset the added risk they pose.

How To Go About Getting A Mortgage As A Sports Bettor

There are a few things that you can do as a sports bettor looking to improve their chances of securing a mortgage. They include:

Stop Betting

The easiest way is to stop sports betting and other gambling forms for at least three (3) months before your loan application. A period of 6 months is considered optimal. This is because lenders generally request your bank history for the prior 3-6 months. Being gambling-free for that period massively improves your chances.

Pay off Your Debt

Another thing lenders check is your debt-to-income ratio. You invest your ratio by paying off as much of your debt as you can manage, thus improving your chances.

Open a Separate Account

You can open a new account to fund your betting to prevent your gambling transactions from showing up on your bank statement.

Talk to a Mortgage Broker

You can talk to a mortgage broker for more specific advice, especially advice on improving other areas of your application, so your betting is less of a concern. Your broker can also help you find lenders that would be willing to work with you.


Although active involvement in sports betting can affect your mortgage application, it does not have to. You should be fine if you bet responsibly and pay attention to the other aspects of your application. Also, try to seek help if your gambling has been negatively impacting your life.

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