Welcome to our Certified Mortgage Expert Program, or what we affectionately refer to as the Q&A feature. This relatively short guide is designed to introduce you to the mechanics as well as the features on it. In short the information provided here is designed to ensure you are able to navigate around the program seamlessly.

Disclaimer: This mini guide is in a constant state of flux and will be changed periodically.

Question Categories: This is where you’ll find questions related to this specific mortgage sub section.
Top Contributors: Brokers and mortgage experts who provide regular and speedy responses can be found here.
Additional Information: This isn’t a required field, but for those wishing to elaborate on any questions posed to the mortgage experts, this could prove invaluable.

FAQ - Consumers
How does one post a question?
One could post a question through the highlighted field on the top left corner of the Q&A page or in the required ‘Post a Question’ field.
I posted a question, but it doesn’t appear visible on the site. Have I done something wrong?
All questions posted are moderated and reviewed before finally going live. The delay should take no more than a few minutes during peak times.
Will I also be notified of any future comments or responses to my question?
Yes you will.

FAQ – Brokers / Mortgage Experts
How does one become a mortgage expert?
To become a contributor to the program, you will first need to be listed on our directory which can be done by signing in here: /mortgage-marketing
Will I be able to customize my page?
Yes, there is the option to add your own profile photos as well as your company logo.

Published on March 8, 2011