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Freedom Mortgage

Introduction To Freedom Mortgage®

Freedom Mortgage® has been offering mortgages to the public for over twenty years. They currently are licensed to broker mortgages in all 50 states and have 80 satellite offices to accommodate customers everywhere. They are dedicated to a streamline application process and have successfully helped thousands of customers obtain their dream home. Freedom Mortgage® closely works with the Federal Housing Authority in an effort to promote homeownership for all.

Freedom Mortgage® offers first time mortgages, refinance options, FHA, VA and USDA mortgages, renovation loans and mortgages for second or investment properties. Freedom also offers these mortgages as fixed rate or adjustable loans, whichever meets the customers’ needs.

Mortgage Rates

Freedom Mortgage® offers a large variety of mortgage programs to meet the consumer demand. Mortgage rates that are initially quoted are based on the assumption that the buyer will have hazard insurance, mortgage insurance, create a tax escrow account, has good credit and will occupy the single family residence.

Any differences to the assumption will create variances in the mortgage rates. There are also options available, depending on loan type, that will allow the consumer to purchase points to reduce the amount of interest on their loan.


Freedom Mortgage® is proud to claim that they will offer the lowest refinance rates possible on your existing loan. However, there are many things to consider when you apply for a refinance mortgage. Origination costs, home inspections or appraisals and other fees sometimes drive up the costs of refinancing. Low interest rates often counteract these costs.

Rates for refinancing will be based on the same factors as the original mortgage which includes credit, points, mortgage insurance and other determining factors. Another thing you must consider is the type of program that you enter into when you refinance. An adjustable rate mortgage may offer you lower rates at first, but will increase later.

Home Equity Loans

Freedom Mortgage® offers refinance mortgages with cash out options but currently does not offer home equity lines of credit. If you have equity available in your home at the time you refinance you are eligible to refinance for the full amount and receive the extra money in the form of a check. Freedom mortgage® does not offer the open equity line that allows you to write checks or make withdrawals against your mortgage at any time.

Freedom Mortgage® Information

Freedom Mortgage®
907 Pleasant Valley Avenue, Suite 3
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

Customer Service can be reached at : 800.220.3333

General Inquiries can call: 866.759.8624

They also have 80 satellite offices throughout the United States.

Visit them on the web at:

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