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Citizens Bank

Phone Number

Main Number: 401-456-7000

Toll Free: 800-656-6561

Mailing Address

Citizens Bank
One Citizens Plaza
Providence, Rhode Island 02903

Citizens Bank


Nearly 200 years ago a group of citizens formed a financial company in Rhode Island and opened a bank. Since 1828, Citizens Bank has grown to over 1500 branches and owns two subsidiaries, RBS, Inc. and Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania. Citizens Bank operates under the name of Charter One in Michigan, Ohio and Illinois. The bank has several associated outlets in 40 states that are indirectly connected to their operations. The entire company is now owned by The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Inc.

Citizens Bank and its affiliates mainly operate in the northeastern part of the country with a few states being serviced in the Midwest.

Mortgage Rates

Citizens Bank offers several mortgage programs. Some of these programs are only available through their affiliates, such as Charter One. Most of the mortgage programs can be accessed from any of their branches.

Citizens bank offers competitive mortgage rates on conventional mortgages, jumbo loans and adjustable rate mortgages (ARM’s). In some of their offices you can receive an additional reduction in interest rate if you open a bank account and/or other financial program in addition to your mortgage.

Citizens Bank mortgage rates are based on market pricing, credit score, amount of down payment and loan to value ratio. Private mortgage insurance programs are in place for people who need additional security to be approved for a mortgage.


Citizens bank offers refinancing at very affordable rates. They will refinance your home to lower your current interest payments or provide you with a refinance program that allows you to access the available equity in your home.

Refinance rates will be based on the market value of your home, current mortgage rates and credit history. Refinance rates are often lower for homes that are just refinancing and not taking any cash out.

Home Equity

Citizens Bank offers two distinct programs for home equity loans. There is the lump sum payment and a credit line that allows you to withdraw money as needed on the equity available in your home. Citizens has one of the most competitive rates for these types of loans on the market, generally being around 1% over prime.