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Mutual Fund Expense Calculator

The purpose of the Mutual Fund Expense Calculator is to help investors itemize the expenses that are related to a particular mutual fund. To use this financial tool you will need the prospectus of the mutual fund, or funds, that you are interested in. The prospectus will have all of the expense information that you will need to enter into this expense calculator. After you enter the requested information into this calculator it will compare your expenses to your potential profits.

Mutual Fund Expense Calculator Overview

A mutual fund is basically a group of investment products that are bought by pooling together the assets invested by a group of fund participants. These investments are then bought, sold and generally managed by an investment firm or mutual fund management team. 

Most people who invest in mutual funds do so because it allows them to diversify their investment portfolio without having to buy dozens of different stocks and bonds on their own. While mutual funds offer several advantages they also have a few drawbacks. One drawback of mutual funds that cuts into your profits is the list of expenses that are associated with mutual fund management.