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Asset Allocator Calculator

The purpose of the Asset Allocator is to create a rundown of possible investment mixtures that match the qualities that you are interested in. To use this tool you will need to enter various pieces of information that relate to your personal situation and your financial situation. This tool will analyze this information and create a graph that shows a possible allocation schedule of your investment assets. You can then use this, in conjunction with your own research and plans, to decide where you should be placing your money.

Asset Allocator Calculator Overview

Investing is one way to meet your financial goals faster than simply by working and saving – but it comes with plenty of risk. To be an effective investor you need to know how to balance your investment portfolio. To create an investment portfolio that will work best for your financial situation you will need to take into consideration your age, how aggressive you are willing to be, as well as what the current economic climate is like.

If you are new to investing then you may not know how to use these factors to select investments. To get over the investment learning curve you can use our Asset Allocator to help develop an investment plan that will match your investment wants and needs.


How to Use the Asset Allocator Calculator

Here's what you do:

  1. Enter your current age in years, either by typing in the box or using the slider
  2. Specify the amount of money you have in assets that you intend to invest
  3. Type in the amount you will be adding to your investment portfolio every year
  4. Choose the tax rate that you expect to pay on your investments from the drop-down list
  5. If you expect to be using any of your investment income before you retire, specify a percentage in the box
  6. In the Risk tolerance field, choose a value from 1-10, with 1 being extremely conservative and 10 highly aggressive. You can also use the slider if you wish.
  7. Click View Report to see your result. The pie chart will tell you what percentage of your assets you should invest in stocks, bonds and cash.
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Who is this Calculator for?

This calculator is most useful if you:

  • Are new to the investment scene and would like to know how you should approach your first moves
  • Want to assess your options ahead of making your first investment
  • Would like to know what makes up the most optimal investment portfolio in your particular financial position.

Is it possible to invest without substantial savings or assets?

Yes it is, but it is riskier and harder to do. Our Investment Loan Calculator can help you with deciding whether it would be a viable or financially responsible move for you to make. If you do decide to go ahead, you can click the Get FREE Quote button and complete our brief form – we will then advise you which lenders may be able to help you get your investment portfolio started.