(Updated January 2015)

Coming up with the necessary cash to finance a remodeling project can be the hardest part of the entire task. But creative mortgage refinance strategies can provide the right tools for the job, particularly when property refinancing rates and basic building materials are affordably priced.

With home values rising and mortgage credit easing, we could soon be seeing another surge in home remodeling projects across the United States. Rather than moving to a new property, many consumers are using home improvement loans to pay for more space in their current home, especially extra bathrooms and bedrooms, though kitchen upgrades are still at the top of the remodeling wish list.

Surveys find that more than half of the people who plan to do home improvements look to create special design features in their homes, and 20 to 25 percent define that kind of strategy as one that will make their homes more comfortable or help them "create their dream."

Funding your dreams

To fund your domestic dreams, many experts recommend a mortgage refinance to strategically take advantage of the equity in your home. Here are four Further information: