Quicken Loans

Introduction to Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans, self-titled as America’s Home Loan Experts, brings over 25 years of experience in working with clients to tailor mortgage arrangements that will work out in the best interests of everyone involved. As the this country’s largest online retail mortgage firm, Quicken Loans has earned many nods of recognition in the industry such as ‘Best of Web’ mentions from notable business publications such as Forbes, PC Magazine and Money magazine. All of this is mentioned to say that Quicken Loans is well-qualified to assist with any of your mortgage needs.

Mortgage Rates

When it comes to mortgage rates, Quicken Loans offers competitive and affordable rates to customers in all 50 states. Being that quality mortgages are their specialty, this company is very good at what it does, often able to close a deal in much less time than other leading lenders. Their mortgage rates vary in specifics but are always competitive in nature. Due to long term security and the fact that payments never increase when it comes to the mortgage rates on a fixed rate mortgage, this type has always been the most popular mortgage at Quicken Loans. FHA and VA loans are also available with appealing mortgage rates and options.


Quicken Loans is standing by more than ready to help you refinance your existing mortgage arrangement in order to better meet the needs of you and your family. In finding and taking advantage of good refinance rates, you are then able to do things that benefit your budget like lower your monthly payment, keep your payment the same or even consolidate debt. Refinance rates that are competitive enable Quicken Loans to even help you get cash from your home or investment property. 

Quicken Loans Information

Quicken Loans is an A-plus web-based company operating a full featured user-friendly website online at quickenloans.com. If instead of browsing the website’s features, you wish to speak one-on-one with a live representative of Quicken Loans in order to learn more information, simply give them a phone call at 1-800-251-9080 for efficient, knowledgeable and friendly service.

With the capable and competitive assistance of such a quality lender as Quicken Loans, you will be able to find suitable mortgage arrangements that fit your home, your family and your budget. That is what top notch service is all about, you the customer being satisfied.

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