Amerisave has become one of the largest mortgage companies in the United States. They currently have over 1500 branches in all 50 states. Amerisave is known for their low interest rates and they do that providing everything in house. From the underwriting, to the actual lending and closing of loans - everything they do is in house which cuts their cost for preparing a loan. Not many companies will offer that type of service anymore. Most financial institutions will have an underwriting department somewhere other than the actual office making the loan.

Mortgage Rates

Companies offer slightly different mortgage rates, which is why you need to do a little shopping around before you choose a mortgage company. Tax credits from the government can help you get a mortgage loan at a good rate. These tax credits have increased the number of mortgages through many mortgage companies. The mortgage rate you will receive will depend on your credit history. Another thing that will get you a low mortgage rate is the value of the home you are looking to buy. Mortgage providers will make sure the home is worth what you are paying, which will also have an effect on your mortgage rates.


Refinancing a home can help you save money from month to month. Refinancing actually creates a new loan, with a new interest rate. If you can refinance your home loan for a lower interest rate, you will be saving money in the long and short term. If you can pay more than your refinanced mortgage, you will be able to pay off your mortgage even faster. Amerisave offers competitively priced refinance rates, making them a good choice to have your mortgage through them.

Home Equity

Amerisave can help you get your best rate on a home equity loan or home equity line of credit (HELOC). Although they do not directly engage in home equity lending at the present time, they have arrangements with other major lenders that can help you find a home equity loan or line of credit that meets your needs, including high-value home equity loans and HELOCs for borrowers with limited home equity.

Home equity loans and lines of credit offer an attractive way to finance major expenditures such as home improvements, education costs, business investment, medical expenses and more. Interest rates on home equity loans tend to be lower than for unsecured types of credit, and that interest is usually tax-deductable for those who itemize deductions, because they’re considered a type of mortgage.

Contact Information

Amerisave Mortgage Corporation
Customer Service Department
3350 Peachtree Rd, Suite 1000
Atlanta, GA 30326


You can contact Amerisave by phone, email, and mail.

Customer service is very friendly and will guide you through any questions you have about their services.

You can email Amerisave at:

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